Barcamp Moscow 2018

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Author: peter

And just some more photos…

Miss you all. Remember: Love, love, love. And I promie, at least one of you will change the world. Or…

Change attitude toward LGBTI-citizens

In the last 20 years, the attitude toward LGBTI-citizens hasn’t changed. It has to be. So, main conclusion from the discussion…

Make Armenia Great Again! (it’s all about planting trees)

Ok, the idea is simple and not new. Plant trees to fight against climate change. But, thanks to our discussion…

Measure Social Change

Many initiatives hope to change the world in smaller or larger effect. Of course their effort is in some cases…

Session: How to activate people

When you get to social change, you need people to be active. You need them to think about their lives,…

Coffee Break

Session: Storytelling and Change

Lunch Break

Come together

Presentation of each „Session“

Everybody tells something about his session.

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